Le mie opere alla Fiera Italiana dello Scrittore, del Libro e del Lettore 2021

Tre dei miei lavori sono in esposizione alla Fiera Italiana dello Scrittore, del Libro e del lettore 2021. Una vetrina di livello internazionale che mi ospita con “Viaggio a Vienna” (Morellini Editore), “Una morte sola non basta” (Del Vecchio Editore) e “Quelle strane ragazze” il thriller mozzafiato, Premio Perseide 2014, ambientato nel quartiere romano Coppedè, o quartiere magico, come viene definito dai romani.


La prima presentazione dei lavori si è svolta il 30 giugno con una interessantissima videoconferenza, a cui sono stata onorata di partecipare. Nei minuti finali ho parlato anche del nuovissimo “Delitti Postdatati“, uscito da pochi giorni per Ianieri Edizioni e Premio Poliziesco Gold 2020, di cui sono stati molto apprezzati, oltre alla trama coinvolgente, il titolo e la copertina. Il seguente è il link alla conferenza e il mio intervento inizia a 1 ora e 27 minuti. Un’altra esperienza magnifica!


Dedicherò un articolo a ognuno dei romanzi in esposizione, parlando della trama e mostrandone con foto e video le ambientazioni, restate collegati…






Involving Thrillers, Crime and Mistery, here for you!

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                                                                                                                                                                                           Do you want to read something special? Just find the preview and you won’t be able to leave the story! The following books have won Literary Awards and will take you  into a spiral of uncontrollable twists.





Le mie edizioni inglesi – My English editions

E’ una grande soddisfazione vedere i propri lavori tradotti in altre lingue, e ancora più grande è l’emozione nel constatare che i lettori di altri Paesi li apprezzano e amano. Purtroppo non è ancora possibile, nel mio caso, affidare i miei libri a una distribuzione in forma cartacea ma, grazie ai social network e ai negozi online, primo tra tutti Amazon, i miei libri sono diffusi e conosciuti anche all’estero.

E’ così che “No Steps On The Snow”, edizione inglese di “Nessun segno sulla neve”, ha ottenuto recensioni a cinque stelle ed è salito anche sul podio dei Best Seller di Amazon America. Nell’estate del 2015 cinquanta blog letterari statunitensi hanno parlato del libro.

Anche “A Shadow On Merrimack River”, edizione inglese di “Un’ombra sul fiume Merrimack”, ha ottenuto recensioni a cinque stelle ed è stato pubblicizzato negli Stati Uniti dalla Goddess & Fish Promotions.

L’antologia “Echoes Of The Soul”, edizione inglese di “I doni della mente”, è in ordine di tempo l’ultima edizione inglese e sta muovendo i primi passi nel panorama letterario estero.



These are my English editions, I love them and I am proud of the five stars review that I had by my readers abroad and by many literary blogs…Thank You All!!!!

Please visit the page dedicated to each book and read their stories and where to find them.

NO STEPS ON THE SNOW (Nessun segno sulla neve)), THE ENGLISH EDITIONS - Edizioni Inglesi

NO STEPS ON THE SNOW – The book and the reviews


NATIONAL LITERARY AWARD “CIRCE 2013”- A psychological thriller that starts nowadays, but deepens its roots in 1968, during the student protest in Rome. THE PLOT:Francesco, a brilliant middle-aged oncologist signs in a social network while surfing the Internet. He bumps into the profile of the girl he was desperately in love with during High School ‘68, when a horrible homicide happened and the guilty was never to be found. His destiny intertwines in an unpredictable way with that of the girl, now a mature woman. Desperate passions and deep loves of a generation belonging to the past. A thriller that leads to a stunning end.

The book is in catalogue at the Italian & European Bookshop in London.

Where to find it:

In the following link, where you can read the preview, and on Amazon stores all world wide.



It is with a contrast that No Steps on the Snow, by Daniela Alibrandi, begins. A father, Francesco, finds an old love flame on Facebook he had never forgotten even if not reciprocated by her at that time. A father who lives in an age where he feels unadequate and needs the help of his son to manage sailing in the Internet. But it’s not only this. There is an episode unresolved occurred in the “years of lead”, when boys and girls, also if revolutionary, tried to live their age amusing themselves, experiencing love and trying to change things. A homicide which had not been given a guilty, that had remained dormant since our protagonist relives the past. And he reminds those years with nostalgia, remembering his old love, now a woman who falls powerfully in his present life. The pace changes so quickly as to leave no breath. Calm, thoughtful and at once pressing and exciting. Indeed a slice of life lived as a main plot pulls the strings of the narrative, but never too hidden, there is this aura of thriller that makes reading the most exciting it could be. The striking thing that I always appreciate in any written, is the ability of the author to immerse the reader in the story and to make him imagine a background, a landscape and the situations described as if it were a scene from a movie. I think that No Steps on the Snow may very well be put in place as an Italian Thriller, with all the elements to keep viewers glued to the screen, having done the same with readers.I feel really to recommend it because there are many good books for luck, but good books that you’ll always remember are more difficult to find…and this one will be not easily forgotte.


Wow. This novels provides a multi-dimensional experience. I approach this novel and review as a man fascinated with languages and the hurdles forced by translating not only to another language, but to another culture. What I have to say is said from the perspective of an individual who has lived in another country, visited ten, has spoken a few languages through the course of his life; I write from the perspective of one who is not daunted by the act of translating the meaning of a sentence that despite being presented in English, was obviously written by a non-native speaker. This novel was written by an Italian author and I could tell while reading it that it was well composed – in it’s original language. I am providing a review that does not consider the burdens of translation to be detrimental – rather is setting that aside, and proceeding to review the story itself; and what a story it is.

I’m not big on romance novels. I am, however, big on psychological thrillers – this book claims to be both. So it was with a somewhat detached interest that I approached a novel that for all intents and purposes begins as a romance. Thankfully it is not a traditional romance – what kept me going was my fascination with the psychology behind the main character – a man named Francesco for whom infidelity is simply his natural state and he embraces it; a man who has mastered deception and yet does not utilize the skills out of malice or spite. He is perhaps a bit of a sociopath but not so far removed as to be unlikable as a protagonist. He loves his wife, he loves his family, and he loves leading his double life. As a man myself I cannot justify his actions, yet I also kept reading. Should infidelity in a main character be a problem for the reader, I recommend they continue to push through.

The ending is worth it.


Daniela Alibrandi is an accomplished writer with established credentials. In “No Steps
on the Snow” she knows of what she writes – Rome, Italian men, marriage, infidelity,
and Italian student riots.

The book is a psychological thriller written from the POV of Francesco, an Italian doctor,
with a life that is the envy of any man who wants a loving wife, loving children and a
loving mistress. But as many other men in mid-life he wants something more so he goes
to the Internet in search of an old flame from his days as a student.

Why with a perfect life like his would he seek out Milena? Passion. His marriage lacks it
and he’s the primary reason. Milena has been the passion in his life. He was thwarted in
his desire as a student because Milena was in love with a student revolutionary. Her
lover was murdered the same night she was attacked by Nuccio, Franceso’s best friend,
in a plot Francesco put together with Nuccio.

Francesco shows himself to be a loving husband and father manipulating his wife and
children so that his life can be lived precisely the way he wants it. He wants Milena and
he gets her to agree to meet for coffee. They begin a torrid affair that leads Francesco
to consider giving everything up for life with the only woman he’s really loved. As a
reader I found myself questioning if Francesco could love anyone with an ego as
dominant as his.

He orchestrates a Christmas family vacation as part of his marriage breakup so that
they can be together to say farewell. Milena and Francesco come together but in the
end their mutual passion leads to an unexpected end.

Ms. Alibrandi has written a multi-dimensional book narrated by an Italian male who is a
master in the art of deception. The challenge he faces is how to avoid deceiving himself.
Bravo Ms. Alibrandi.
5 STARS – Bill Snyder



My English edition “A Shadow On Merrimack River”

“…This is a twisted tale with an ironic ending.  I’m sure you won’t figure out who the killer is until the end of the story.  Even then it’s a shock that will stick with you for a while!”


A SHADOW ON MERRIMACK RIVER (Un'ombra sul fiume Merrimack)

A SHADOW ON MERRIMACK RIVER – The Book and the reviews



A year in the United States, a fantastic opportunity to forget the events of the past. Then Diana will return to Rome, but if life in the United States will be a positive experience, she will be able to return. And Diana strongly hopes she will come back. In an evening of early spring, however, while with her friend Jenny, an obese girl, she is enjoying to skate on the Merrimack River still frozen, she doesn’t realize she has reached a point where the ice is breaking. In the fierce struggle that she engages with the force of the river waters, that with the beginning of the thaw are moving, Diana understands the plate is too thin, and may not hold up. And below, after hearing a thud, Diana realizes that glides silently a human body, a corpse from which she could be sucked into the river deepness. It’s the beginning of a nightmare in which Diana will live during the months that remain until her departure from what she had considered a quiet and peaceful little town. Until the solution of the mystery, which will take place with a stunning end.
The events take place in a small town in the Northeast of the United States in 1965-66, when America was in the midst of the conflict with Vietnam. Many descriptions of the places related to the nature and landscapes as well as to the complexity of American society. There is no lack of historical references.

The book is in catalogue at the Italian & European Bookshop in London.

Where to find it:

In the following link, where you can read the preview, and on Amazon stores all world wide.



This thriller set in New Hampshire in the 1960s looks at one girl, her family, and the shadows of her life that are revealed. The author has done a wonderful job at portraying American life as seen through the eyes of a visitor to this country and the mystery behind the shadow on the Merrimack River is one that’s not easily solved by the reader.

The phrasing was a little hard to understand at times–it’s translated into English from Italian, and obviously by someone whose first language is not English. I would suggest that the author look for a translator who is American and is fluent in Italian for her next book, rather than an Italian who is fluent in English. I believe that would help with the ease of reading.

This issue did not reflect on my enjoyment of the book, however, and I look forward to the next book Ms. Alibrandi has for us.


This book was a bit of a challenge at times {being translated from Italian}some phrases took me a bit to decipher. This did not take away from the main story. It is a tale of being treated as an outcast because of coming from another country, the way some shy away from people that are different. You become very connected to the character because of her treatment. The journey of finding a body within the water, adds the mystery. The building suspense and great character development leads to an unexpected ending.


It has a great storyline and all the ingredients of a page-turning thriller with the suspense building chapter by chapter and then a totally unexpected surprise ending. I liked how we knew what the main character was thinking and feeling throughout and I had empathy for her. I also admired her courage in seeking out the truth even at risk to herself although I was scared for what might happen to her.
The translation could be a little smoother but that did not take away from understanding and enjoying the plot and character development. I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it! And now I’d like to read more!


The thriller is set in Manchester, New Hampshire. Brown Avenue, Goffs’ Falls, St. Francis Church and the school…here the characters move in an involving plot that takes to an umpredictable and stunning end.The place is where I lived during my adolescence. When my American friends read the book, they got in touch with me and told me that the whole area had been demolished to enlarge the airport area. I was so sorry when I came to know that those roads and buildings had all been demolished! But my friends where happy to have walked once again in those beloved places. After many years, thanks to the book, I met my friends again and that was the longest hug in history!