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How could I, brought up by a woman like that, be able to do what I did? Suddenly this studio seems too small, I feel that everything is a grand insult. I don’t want to read Milena’s message again. I return to the desktop, but I don’t switch off the computer. I don’t want to risk not receiving her mails.
I feel without breath. Maybe it’s better to take a walk around here, and if the pizzeria at the corner is still open, I’ll have a pizza and drink a beer. I want to get drunk not to think. Milena will always have that horrible memory of me. If she wants to meet me, how can I deal with it, proving as I am now, if in the end she is right: am I that different from how I was then? I just want the fresh air of this September evening. I go out and, while I close the door, I think that the doors left locked inside our soul can open again when they want to, even if we delude ourselves into thinking we have thrown away the …

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